2018 Annual Report


From Our Pastor

Hey Journey,

As we moved through 2018 at JCI one of my favorite worship songs became “Do It Again.”It’s the story of Joshua walking around the walls of Jericho on his first leadership assignment. After 40 years as Moses’ ministry assistant, he is the man in charge of Israel’s first major battle in the Promised Land, and his prayer as he reflects on his past with God goes something like this; “God hasn’t failed us yet, why should we believe that He’ll start now. He moved the mountains, he split the Red Sea…so DO IT AGAIN God…I believe you can DO IT AGAIN!” 

Last year we celebrated our 7-Year Anniversary as a church, and it is clear that God has been moving. A church that started with 5 families in my living room saw nearly 3,000 people celebrate Christmas together in our 2018 Christmas services. In 7 years we’ve seen thousands of people make spiritual decisions, nearly 500 of those have been baptized, hundreds have served on Missions trips, thousands have served in our community, and more than $1,000,000 has been invested in Global Outreach, Community Impact, and Church-Planting through our Missions Giving. Like Joshua, I see the fingerprints of God’s power all over our church’s history – and like Joshua, I’m asking God to DO IT AGAIN over our next 7 years. I believe with all my heart that He can, and I’m praying that he will.

In John 14:12-13 Jesus makes this statement to his disciples; Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father. 13 And I will do whatever you ask in my name, so that the Father may be glorified in the Son.Because of that challenge, I am asking God to do GREATER things at JCI in 2019 that he did in the first 7 years of our church. Not because we deserve it or even need it, but because I desire to see God’s glory in a greater way in our community through our church this year. If anybody has ever seen God’s glory through our church in the past, it is because of how faithfully you have served, and given, and invited, and sacrificed for his mission for our church. As you read through this report, please know how grateful I am for all of you – and ask God to DO IT AGAIN in an even GREATER way in our future!


Pastor Christian


    • 846

      Spiritual Decisions

    • 102


    • 1,115

      Unique Persons in Serve/Connect/Care/Grow Groups

    • 112

      Serve/Connect/Care/Grow Groups

    • 43%

      Growth Increase in Groups


By Ministry Area

    • 480

      Average Weekly Volunteers

    • 805

      Total Volunteers



    • 24,850

      Website+App Video Views

    • 23%

      Growth in Followers

    • 87

      Countries Accessed Website

    • 121,151

      Facebook Video Minutes Viewed

    • 23,214

      Website Unique Visitors

    • 1,663

      Mobile App Downloads

    • 82,669

      Podcast Streams + Downloads



One of our core beliefs at JCI is that “We believe that you cannot out-give God!” We demonstrate this believe by investing the first 15% that comes in the offering at our church into global, local, and church planting causes. Once again, this was the largest year of giving and thus it was also the greatest year of financial impact to our causes around the world. Because of this belief in generosity, our church engaged in a Total Village Transformation in Guatemala, sent 108 people on Global Impact Trips overseas, more than double the number of partners in our local “Love Week” this August.  It was truly the greatest year of investment that we have experienced, and we are just getting started!

We strive to practice great stewardship as a church!  I am grateful for our Finance Team that oversees and holds our staff accountable to maintain the best standards for our finances.  In addition we have great external accountability from our outsourced accounting firm as well as an independent consultant with over 20 years of church finance experience.

I am truly grateful for your generosity that is funding the mission that God has given to JCI!  Thank you for your part in making 2018 the strongest year of giving in the history of our young and growing church!


Pastor Scott
Executive Pastor

    • $117,000

      Invested Into Church Planting

    • $82,243

      Invested Into Local Missions

    • $158,507

      Invested Into Global Missions







    • 38

      Partnership Organizations

    • 61

      Pints of Blood Donated

    • 813

      Love Week Volunteers

    • 2,845

      Hours Served in Our Community

    • 25,860

      Meals Served


Houston Hurricane Relief

We sent a team in 2018 to partner with Higher Expectations in Humble, TX. Our team spent time painting, hanging drywall, and cleaning homes that had been damaged by Hurricane Harvey.  In addition, our team helped Higher Expectations church to host Block Parties in order to share the Gospel with the people in their community. This was an incredible opportunity to help a church, that had exhausted so much effort rebuilding their own homes, regain their excitement and passion for outreach to their community.

Total Village Transformation

Our church took two trips this year to invest in the village of La Sidra, which sits in the rural mountain top of Zacapa, Guatemala. This year, we invested nearly $80,000 to build a school activity center, bathrooms, replace roofs on school buildings, and provide a security fence that would surround the school. Also, doctors and nurses from JCI partnered with other organizations to host a medical clinic, helping over 200 people in the village with basic medical care. In addition to these trips, our church also launched a child sponsorship program where 60 kids were sponsored and our work will continue to provide sponsorship to as many as we can in the village as the program expands through WorldHelp.

Countries Served/Invested During 2018:

  • Israel
  • Kenya
  • Tanzania
  • Malaysia
  • Thailand
  • Guatemala

SINCE 2011

    • 2,853

      Spiritual Decisions

    • 483


    • $1,292,935

      Invested Into Local and Global Missions

    • 279

      People Served on Global Impact Trips

    • 109

      Parent/Child Dedications