From Our Pastor

Hey Journey!

As we entered 2017, my word for the year was “ANTICIPATION.”  After watching God move mightily during the first 5 years of our church, I just felt that it was time to begin anticipating that God had a great plan for JCI to fulfill our mission “to exist to see people far from God become passionate Christians who make a difference in the world.” Not even I could have anticipated what God would do.

In Acts 1:8, God told the apostles that “they would receive power…and they would be witnesses to the impact of Jesus through that power.”  This ministry report is a witness of the power of Jesus at work in our church.  We cannot claim the credit, nor would we even try.  However, we have “witnessed” God moving, and we cannot be silent about that.  In 2017, we witnessed 800 spiritual decisions, 107 baptisms, we saw over 1,000 people volunteer at JCI and more than 700 serve our community through our “JCI Love Week,” we adopted a village in Guatemala to transform, and we invested nearly $300,000 in Missions.

God is moving at JCI!  But God always uses people to accomplish his mission, so I want to say “Thank You” to those of you who are making our ministry possible.  More than 1000 families contributed to the mission and vision of Journey through their tithes and offerings last year, allowing us to invest a record number in Missions while funding the vision to minister well to people in our community and city.  Thank you for your generosity – it’s making a huge difference around the world.

Rejoice with me as we celebrate the power of God we witnessed at JCI in 2017 – and let’s be committed to see it happen again in 2018!


Pastor Christian


    • 801

      Spiritual Decisions

    • 107


    • 778

      Unique Persons in Serve/Connect/Care/Grow Groups

    • 84

      Serve/Connect/Care/Grow Groups

    • 29%

      Growth Increase in Groups


By Ministry Area

    • 420

      Average Weekly Volunteers

    • 702

      Total Volunteers



    • 30,173

      Website+App Video Views

    • 30%

      Growth in Followers

    • 30

      Countries Accessed Website

    • 44,963

      Facebook Video Views

    • 13,330

      Website Unique Visitors

    • 1,926

      Mobile App Downloads

    • 45,784

      Podcast Streams + Downloads



One of our core beliefs at JCI is that “We believe in generosity because you cannot out give God.”  A review of 2017, from a financial perspective, only adds to the validity of that belief.   At the end of 2016, our Finance Team made a suggestion that we increase our percentage of money that JCI “gives” or invests into Church Planting, Global Impact, and Local Impact from 12% to 15%. This step of faith was one of about $60,000 over the course of the year. Through the faithful giving of our people, God responded by allowing us to end our year of general offering about 32% higher than the previous year.  You simply CANNOT out give God.

We strive to practice great stewardship as a church. I am grateful for our Finance Team that oversees and holds our staff accountable to maintain the best standards for our finances. In addition, we have great external accountability from our outsourced accounting firm as well as an independent consultant with over 20 years of church finance experience.

I am truly grateful for your generosity that is funding the mission that God has given to JCI!  Thank you for your part in making 2017 the strongest year of giving in the history of our young and growing church!



Pastor Scott
Executive Pastor

    • $69,408

      Invested Into Church Planting

    • $127,092

      Invested Into Local Missions

    • $98,250

      Invested Into Global Missions







    • 12

      Love Week Projects

    • 7

      Donation Sorting & Delivery Locations

    • 708

      Love Week Volunteers

    • 4,300+

      Hours Served in Our Community

    • 2,100

      Meals Served



Hurricane Harvey Relief in Houston
We have partnered with Higher Expectations Church in the suburb of Humble, TX and provided financial support and will be planning to send teams in 2018.
Total Village Transformation Project in Guatemala
We have partnered with World Help and Hope of Life ministries, committing to a 3-5 year project that will bring clean water, a school, and a church facility to the village of La Sidra.  Journey will fund all projects and send teams strategically to invest into the village in a way that will foster self-sustaining transformation of the village and its people.

In 2017, Journey was able to support ministry causes in the following countries through financial support and/or global impact trips.

    • Greece

    • Israel

    • Kenya

    • Thailand

    • Guatemala

    • Nicaragua

    • Belize

SINCE 2011

    • 2,007

      Spiritual Decisions

    • 381


    • $935,185

      Invested Into Local and Global Missions

    • 171

      People Served on Global Impact Trips

    • 96

      Parent/Child Dedications