Sunday Bible Study

Every Sunday morning, Middle School Students will meet during the 8:00am & 9:30am worship experiences to spend time growing in God’s Word and relating it to their active lives.

Starting on March 26th, 2017, we will be kicking off an evening adult worship experience at 5:00pm.  During this time, a co-ed Bible Study specifically designed for High School Students.  The purpose of the Bible Study is to allow High School Students to connect with other High School Students and to help them discover and apply God’s truths for their lives.

Wednesday Student Impact

We believe every student needs a “front door” to invite their friends to that they want to impact for Jesus.  These Wednesday evening services provide that safe “1st touch” for our ministry into the lives of your student’s friends.  These services provide a large group with fun activities and games, worship with a live band, and relevant teaching that makes it easy to invite friends and enjoyable for your student to participate in.  Our Wednesday Student Impact Experience will occur Wednesday nights, except on the 1st Wednesday of the month.

1st Wednesday Home Groups

The first Wednesday of each month in the school year, starting in October & February, our students will meet in homes for a time to build friendships and grow spiritually.  Our students will meet in 4 homes: High School Girls, High School Guys, Middle School Girls, & Middle School Guys.

We feel that it is important to keep a highly relational night each month that allows our students to connect casually with each other in a spiritual way without the programming and activity of a Student Impact service.

Student Leadership Team

The Student Leadership Team will be a team of High School Students who want to begin to live out their faith by serving on ministry teams each Sunday morning, by serving in our community quarterly, and having a mission field experience each summer.

Quarterly Activities

We will work to have quarterly activities to serve to connect busy students relationally.  It is our goal that even during their busiest work, school, sports, and extracurricular activity schedule that students can make time to be at these activities so they can continue to feel like part of a family.  If a busy student has to miss an entire quarter of Wednesday night Student Impacts, these activities will be designed to help them stay plugged in or to get plugged back in.

Summer Camp

The highlight of our student ministry is our Summer Camp due to the spiritual and relational connections made there each year.  It is the goal of our church that every student attend Summer Camp every year, and that camp week would be reserved and given priority over any summer sports schedule, summer school schedule, or summer work/activity schedule.  Our Summer Camp serves as a yearly revival where our student ministry resets and reloads each year.  Students are often impacted more in one week of Summer Camp than they are in 51 other weeks of ministry.

Dates for Go Tell Student Camp: JUNE 23-28, 2017

Cost: $350 (Deposit of $50 is due by April 15th to ensure your students has a spot reserved)

If you would like any information about our Student Ministry, please contact our Pastor for Journey Students,